Church Planting is More Than Harvesting: Plowing

In farming work, the farmer cannot choose their work.

They go to their field and do work according to the needs of the field.

If the area is merely a mess of rocks, weeds, or trash, then he foolish farmer may leave their target field in order to go to another place where they will be able to harvest, sow seed, or some other stage of the farming work. The field needs are meaningless to the fool. He works according to his own desires . . . an the target field remains fallow, unplowed, unseeded, unwatered, dead, and really nothing like an actual field.
Those foolish farmers either 1) leave their target field searching for–and many times finding–a field where they can do the stage of farming work that they desire and build on someone else’s foundation, or 2) they in effectively and erroneously force their desired stage upon their field. The result of the first error is a loss of working among he target field that was left fallow and uncultivated. Also in the first error is the fool going to some other field with his foolishness.

The wise farmer works only in accordance with the field context. The wisdom of the proper farming work realizes that every aspect of farming is equally important and needed. No one reaps where no seed has been sown. No one should sow seeds where the area is unplowed and filled with rocks and weeds. No one should harvest without using the seeds for the next season of farming. Every stage of the farming work is critical.
Every stage follows a logical and cyclical process, and the cyclical process makes every stage necessary. No one can proceed along the process of farming without fulfilling the required stage preceding the next stage. The wise farmers understand this reality of inter-connectedness within the overall farming process.

The farmer does not choose to harvest. The farmer harvests only when and if the crop is nurtured to ripeness. The crop develops only where a good seed was sown. The seed takes root and grows to maturity only where there is good soil. The good soil is developed through deep plowing, busting up hard surfaces, clearing out the rocks, weeds, and obstacles that will choke out any potential growth. The mice and moles need to be cast out of the plowed fields.

If a farmer desires to see the harvest among a target field, they must commit themselves to the necessity of every farming stage. The farmer must work hard to plow, sow, cultivate, harvest, and use the harvested seeds for present and future seasons.

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