some foundational beliefs

1 God in 3 persons: Father, Son, & Spirit.
Creation [spirit beings, physical things, animals, and humans] is from God, but not god. Created good, but cursed under human sin.
Humans created special and good, but fallen from this state by their willful disobedience of God, which is a willful choice to not love God above themselves.
But God… in his holy judgment & love, has provided redemption for humans, to be redeemed from their sinful state, from the punishment and condemnation of their own sin. Not by sinning humans attempting to appease or please the holy God, God’s unique way of salvation is through his own self-provision, self-sacrifice, which is all grace as a free gift given to all who would receive it: Jesus, the Son of God, humbled himself, coming from his highest place in heaven to earth to live a human life without sin in order to then give himself freely as a sacrifice, one time for all sin. This gift becomes effective for those that will receive it in faith, a hope and trust put singly in the way, truth, and life of Jesus. This atoning sacrifice of substitution of Jesus takes away the punishment of sin, but also Jesus was buried and then rose from the dead after three days and ascended into heaven to return again some day. The resurrection is the singular hope and proof and validity of the good news of Jesus’ sacrifice. He conquered death and he promises to do the same for the earthly deaths of those that believe IN him.
In the end, when Jesus returns, God will create a new creation, where saved humans will live in the presence of God forever! Those that do not accept Jesus’ sacrificial way of gaining a right relationship with God will be sent to the inevitable consequence of their willful selfish sin, which is eternal hell, or separation from God, an eternal punishment of their choice to reject the Creator.

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