Joseph to Mary

Mary, Mary,
It’s really so scary.
In a dream,
An angel told me
The baby in your tummy
Isn’t quite what it seemed.

Oh Mary, Mary, Mary,
What will we, Oh, how will we
Be able to be
What our little one needs?
He’ll be holy, holy, holy.

Oh Mary, Mary, Mary, Mary!
How can it be!
Oh glory of glories!
So holy!
So wholly lovely
To be our saving
God’s grace . . . our faith . . .

God has smiled down:
His love is all around.
I feel I’m floating above the ground.
Listen to that sound:
The cry of the Savior echoing through the streets of town.
Do you hear this sound?
Do you hear His sound?

His cry of life,
Later to be the cry
Of his dying
For our sins’ atoning.

Oh Mary, Mary . . .
Mary, Mary, Mary!
Will this be our child?
Who are we?
Surely it cannot be!

Oh Lord, be with us:
Oh little Jesus,
God be with us!
Save me, save me, save me, my Lord!
You I adore,
My Savior,
My Lord!

My sweet baby,
My sweet Savior.

Oh Mary, Mary.
He’s so loving . . .
So loving.

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