Why does International and North American Church Planting look so different?

What is it about International church planting (CP) that it gets so much assistance and teaching from looking at the “apostolic” role in Acts, like Barnabas, Paul, etc.? Why do the works written about Int’l CP teach so much from this perspective, this role-model from Acts?
Because it is the role-model we are given and clearly, undoubtedly see in Scripture in regards to planting churches.

So why does North American CP look so different from Int’l CP? The teaching is so based upon the “pastoral” roles of the NT, like Jesus and his disciples, Peter/Apostles of the Jerusalem church, Paul’s letters to Timmy and Titus. Why the disconnect? Culture?
A historical diversion from the New Testament practice by “The Church” as Christendom became pre-Reformation could be traced. I think a major point to be learned and applied from the Reformation is to look back to God’s Word for our checking our approach to doing/planting church in NA.


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