GCR, baptism, missiology: What is the Great Commission without Church Planting?

“Matthew 28 is the fullest account of what it means to proclaim the gospel to all nations”
— well said Nathan!

I think the issue of the GC being inclusive, or not, of baptism, is the same as the basic question/issue of the necessity of baptizing at all. so it’s not as much defining “accomplishing/fulfilling the GC” as just having a proper understanding of the whole picture. Which should properly (or fully) also deem it necessary to understand and define the GC as CP (church planting). Discussing the GC in terms of compartmentalizing what parts of ministry, Jesus’ commands, etc. are “part of the GC” or not is like saying it is enough to just lead people to Christ. As if the fulfillment of Revelation 7:9 = believers/saved people without any discipleship, church, using gifts, etc.

The best look at the answer comes from looking at the First Church in Acts 2. They were the ones that Jesus personally “Commissioned,” so they were the ones that would be the best pic of what fulfilling that would look like: and they went, shared/evangelized/witnessed, baptized, taught, planted/started/formed local church, did ministry, worshiped, discipleship, prayer, the Lord’s Supper/breaking bread, used their gifts…

It has got to be silly for us to limit the GC to something, anything, other than doing all we can and are supposed to do, as though there is a standard we have the ability to raise or lower so that we can know if we are fulfilling the GC or not. The bar is set: God’s glory. And glorifying God is done fully through his ordained churches and all that goes with that.

Much more than just making converts, we are to be making disciples, and those disciples are to form into to churches in order to best fulfill the purposes of God and best bring glory to God.

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