Hold on to the Calling God has given you, and never let go unless released by God.

Earlier this year, I struggled in seeing exactly where God was leading me and my family. We’d been overseas for 3 years working among people “unreached” or without a present Gospel witness among their own people, many of whom are also “unengaged” in that there is no one working to change the fact that they are “unreached.”
We had received guidance and prompting through seeing God’s heart and desire and purpose in His written Word as well as God having given my wife and me a broken heart and desire to be used by God for His purpose, for witnessing to the lost unreached-unengaged peoples of the world and bringing them the good news that Jesus is the Savior of all people who will respond in faith. This is a unique calling God has given us: one that will always be a part of our lives, who we are and what we do, no matter what the circumstance or location or vocation we are in.
We have committed to follow God no matter what He asks, and we’ve committed to seek after God’s guidance and leading as it might be changing, maturing, from one place, position, role, work/ministry to another.
We were in the States traveling and meeting a lot with different people, and this was a time of natural transition, if a transition was to be had. We were offered different roles. We were asked about “continuing” in our current work. We ourselves discussed and prayed and challenged each other regarding continuing in the “last known calling” we’d had from God. We were confident and committed to the last clear calling we had been given from God, but we were wanting to make sure that we were not just taking it for granted that God had no other, “new,” calling or plan for us other than that calling to which God had clearly led us, confirmed and affirmed over and over, to the work we had been in for the past 3 years. We wanted to make sure we were continuing to follow God: we were not just assuming that by “doing ministry,” by doing “good things,” by doing the same thing that God had led us to before, was what God wanted for us still.
I was in a tough time of dealing with emotion and waying several “good” options and paths to be decided on. I was in constant discussion and thought and prayer over where God wanted us. As I reflected and worked through where I was and how I got there, I worked through God’s calling, His guidance, that led me to the role and work I was currently in.
God had called me to a specific work, a specific place and position. God had a desire and a plan that he had led me to, that He had shown His hand in, that I had no doubt about His desire.
My responsibility to God’s calling on my life was to obey, to continue to listen, remain attentive and seeking Him and His guidance, but to not stray or divert or be destracted from that “first calling” that “first heart” He had given me. If I was done, if I was at a point in the work God had called me to where I could say I had fulfilled the purpose of the calling, then I would be able to clearly see His leading in another direction. Otherwise, I would obey Him and continue and follow Him and wait for Him to change His calling. I can’t change God’s calling.

This circumstance is near universal for those with a special calling on their life to be about God’s work and ministry. We must continue and obey and not doubt God’s calling, but we must also not have a false contentment in that calling by not continuing to seek God’s confirmation of that calling.

You are the Voice of Hope
The Anchor of my soul
Where there seems to be no way
You make it possible
You are the Prince of Peace
Amidst adversity
My lips will shout for joy
Shout for joy
You are the Most High

God calls you. He will keep you.
He will release you.
There is hope. God will do even if you can’t do anything.
God is the same, yesterday, today, tomorrow.
No circumstance trumps God’s call and keeping.

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