What is the Gospel? EPHESIANS 2:1-10 (Part III): The Difference

The Difference – ephesians 2:4

But God…”

We are dead, walking in hopelessness, with no hope, but God: God is! God exists. God is who he is, not just any god or idol or object of religious devotion and affection but Holy–the One True Creator, Eternal, Perfect in Love, Perfect in Mercy & Judgment, Perfect in Grace. This “but God” is almost an interjection, like emphatically interrupting your own train of thought with a promise: I was dead, hopeless, nothing, enemy, what can I do, where is there hope for peace in this life, for direction in this life… God is. He is holy and gracious and rich in mercy and abounding in love, and this love he loves us with is the greatest conceivable kind of love ever!

“But God…” is a promise:

Life is difficult. We are in need of things. Even in the abundance of stuff we want, our heart has needs, love and peace, joy, to know that Someone is there for us. But God is there for us, and not just “there,” he is personal. So, God wants to not just be “there” but “here,” wherever your here is. God wants to be with you, because that is the kind of love he loves you with, the Greek word for this kind of love is agape: selfless, unselfish, self-denying love, a love of willful choosing of its object.

God is aboundingly “rich in mercy,” in active compassion. God is not silent. He is not inactive. Many times me have low times and troubles, and we ask, “God where are you? Why are you far away?” He is not far away just because we are not close to him, relationally. How many times do you sit at home and talk with your spouse or family, while you are busy on the computer or texting, unengaged in everythin because you’re engaged in too many things.

God loves us with abundant, over-abundant, endlessly abundant love.

What do you get when you put our death and hopelessness together with the reality of the immeasurably merciful and loving God? What does all this mean? God is loving and merciful. We are willfully choosing our own way, which inevitably is death. What do we get when we put these two together?

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    Mary Ruth Huff-Chafin-
    Oh, blessed hope….

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