What is Tebow doing?

recently, austin murphy wrote positively about tim tebow for sports illustrated:


and jeff pearlman responded negatively about tim tebow in his blog:


my comment to jeff is:

what? this is all way to obvious and cliche: the intolerant calling another intolerant! haha.
the issue is not whether tebow is a good guy, at all. sure he is. but so what!? who cares? his fans, yes. some others, yes. but in the end of his life, end of my life, who cares what type of person he was?
the issue is the fundamental difference of WHY tebow is a good guy: selfishness, ignorance, belief in something/faith.
just as jeff pearlman is acting out his beliefs (namely that his beliefs about life and reality, or rather disbelief in the existence of a personal Creator God, are authoritative) because he is being honest about his worldview just as tebow and others do that are serious about their beliefs about reality, which of course includes understanding of faith-things/religious beliefs/the metaphysical.
to define a person by What They Do is a wrong undertaking, because this is easily proved wrong.
if you knew something that would keep someone who was doing something that led to danger or death, what would you do? through a hatred for “intolerance,” you would say that we should not tell them that they were wrong in what they were doing. is that being “tolerant”? i would say No, it is not tolerance but foolishness. i’ve had buddhists and hindus both tell me that i am wrong in my belief in a personal God that is loving and merciful as well as the ultimate judge and decider of eternal life or death after i die. if i accept Jesus Christ’s death, the Son of God, and accept his resurrection to new life as the only hope for me an imperfect person, God who is perfect and holy will accept me as also holy and give me his love and peace and joy in this life now and forever with him after i die.
i am not saying that “I say you are a sinner or imperfect or ….. whatever.” i am saying that i believe that there is one God, and he has said such things. this does not make me or any other Christian “better” nor does it give any of us a position to judge others that are Christians or are not Christians: on the contrary, we must be humbled by the knowledge/or belief we have in our utter inability to please a perfect and holy God, unless we accept Jesus as our only savior and then follow his example of living. we claim our own sin, our own shortfalling from perfection, so how can we judge anyone?
of course, as imperfect people, all Christians like all others in the world, are subject to error and pride, etc. this is not the point, though it is a tragedy, and i apologize for myself and for others for any pride or wrong attitude/action we may and certainly too often have done.
my plea to all is that we would truly seek with all of our being what is the truth.

it is more than right or wrong: it is also about do you care about right or wrong, which you must actually believe there is a right and there is a wrong.

this is not about tebow, though i believe tim tebow is an excellent athlete (even though i wish alabama won last year) as well as a fruitful Christian. it is about truth claims and logical argumentation.

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2 Responses to What is Tebow doing?

  1. rynoyak says:

    [comments from Facebook]
    Mary Ruth Huff-Chafin-
    well said

  2. rynoyak says:

    [comments from Facebook]
    Matthew Mitchell-
    It’s an interesting thing when people interested in sharing their faith and truly living out what they believe are in the media spotlight. Thanks for the insight.

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