“The Paul Call”: God’s Desire for You as Seen in the Process of Paul’s Calling by God

“The Paul Call” is a model of calling, of the way God calls/guides/directs his people, that we see in the life of Paul in the book of Acts.

What do I want to do (professionally/vocationally)? What is going to be the best thing for me to do with my life? My talents? What is best for me? What does God want for me?

All these are honorable questions for anyone to have: most honorable and godly. Answering them should then also be sought to be godly and honorable. God’s Word has the answer (II Timothy 3:16-17).

We have a model for finding these answers, which are very personal/relative, by looking at the different aspects of what informs us and makes up our deciding ability, namely our Heart, our Calling, our Talents, our Skills. That model for us is found in the life of Paul, as we shall see in this series on “The Paul Call.”

As personal and relative as these life questions may be, we all still have One Lord that is answering.

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