What YOU voted for: Freedom to Live or Freedom to Murder?

Whether you even voted, you supported life or death. If you voted for one candidate or the other or if you simply didn’t vote and therefore allowed by neglect to have the winning candidate, Obama, to become President, you were supporting either life or death. It isn’t even necessary for you to have made a conscience effort of supporting murdering babies (whether birthed or not, whether alive inside or outside the mother) or supporting the right of that individual baby to live and not be murdered.

Now, the argument you or another may have that is of a “Pro-Choice” position is whether or not you or the individual believes that the baby is alive/is a person/is an individual/life has begun/is a human/has human rights/etc.

This is not a ridiculous argument, or one that doesn’t need to be addressed, BUT this is a mute argument as far as allowing abortion at all simply for one reason:

If there is a possibility of the belief that the fetus is a person, then one would logically conclude that it is also a possibility that destroying/killing/stopping the development of/ending the growth of that fetus is actually killing a person, thus murder.

This is simply a logical argument. It is about logical possibilities, which since they are of a life-death/moral issue demand a hedge, a degree of respect and consideration that would completely deny any act that potentially is of an immoral nature, a murderous nature. [No doubt an animal rights, or plant rights activist would argue the same thing.]

We must understand that this past election was important for many, many different issues, not the least of which was the potential each candidate had in affecting the economy, the role/size of the government [ie, socialism vs. republic/democracy], and other policies. We must not exclude the numerous important issues from discussion as we work together to pursue a “best” in each area.

However important the other issues may be, there is a place to live & die, a bottom line: Life!

One candidate supported life. The other does not. Who you voted for [or didn’t and allowed Obama to win by virtue of him now being President-elect] necessarily determines what you voted for!

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