I Saw The Mountains Again! Psalm 19

This morning I woke up around 6am as usual to feed the babies, prep coffee, and then feed myself. I am extremely blessed to live where I get to see some incredible mountains that are snow-capped year-round. Unfortunately, my city’s pollution and cloud issues hide the peaks two-thirds of the year, and they aren’t expected to be seen again until two months from now.

But today they could be seen to the Northwest, about three peaks towering above the 7,000 foot “foot hills.”

I was reminded about the great and awesome Creator: when he saw what he had created, he saw that it was good. He judged it to be good. What was his standard for judging Creation? He was, and he still is. As I looked for a while at the amazing mountains glowing in bright white long before the hills and the valley I was in ever saw the sunrise, I wondered at the beauty of the one who created such beautiful things.

Those rocks and frozen water structures, so simple yet so amazing and beautiful, are nothing in comparison much more complex and even more beautiful and wondrous creations: the human eye and optic nerve, the fact that your eyebrows and eyelashes don’t grow the same way your head of hair does, the human reproductive organs (impossible to macro-evolve because of their necessary existence in the first place), the Morning Glory flower opened just at break of dawn and soon to close (not by chance or nonsense but for a purpose), the miracle of life, and the water cycle of snow/rain/precipitation to the ground and plants/animals to streams and rivers and lakes and oceans and all over again into the air formed in clouds with amazing quantity yet with falls in small-enough little drops so not to damage even the daintiest flower.

How great is the One True Lord God!!!

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