Bruce A. Little, On Francis Schaeffer\schaeffer

Dr. Little in remembering attending a speaking engagement of Schaeffer said Schaeffer was asked whether the church could actually win, seeming to now be bloody and battered in the 10th round of the fight. To this, Schaeffer replied that if we fight to win, we’ve already lost. God has already won! This is not the purpose for our “fight,” our obedience to God to combat evil and death of the physical and the spiritual. Our purpose is loving obedience to the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, because of what he did for us, that even while we were still sinners, still his enemies, he died for us an innocent sacrifice of redemption, he first loved us and acted out his perfect love. In his resurrection we have hope of new life, of the fact that God has already conquered, he is already victorious!

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